Maurizio Margiotta

I decided to leave Italy with my wife and my young daughter to find a better place where to live. And Czech Republic was exactly what I was searching for. Beautiful places, great nature, quiet and clean, in the center of Europe.

I start searching flats online but was time consuming and leading to poor rsdfsdsdfdsfsdesults. Also I couldn’t figure out what to do to start my business here, and how the health system works.

Luckily I met Kentic at an small event for foreigners, and their support was priceless to address all my needs.

While I was in Italy preparing to leave, they helped me to find a perfect flat (and believe me, my requirements were not easy to satisfy), to register to the tax office, to find an accountant, to register to the health insurance, and many other small, but twisted bureaucratic steps.

In few months everything has been addressed smoothly. So smoothly that I ask for their help again for my parents too 🙂

If you plan to come in Prague for any reason, don’t think it twice. Contact Kentic! They will really avoid you a lot of headache.

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