Residency registration

We offer a full service that is always tailored and customized to your needs and requirements. Are you from an EU country and would like to comply with all recommended procedures? Or are you a citizen from a so-called third country and therefore legally obliged to apply for required documents and permissions? You can apply for the following residence permits:

  • Temporary residence permit for EU nationalities
    It is not obligatory for EU citizens to have the temporary residency approved by the authorities. The decision on whether you apply for the permit or not is yours. Generally, the temporary residence permit is a useful document to have if you intend to stay in the Czech Republic for more than three months. You can also apply for the birth number at the same time. This registration number is required in case you decide to apply for a loan, buy a property, etc.
  • Long Term Visa for third country citizens
    Possible purposes of stay: Studies, Business, Employment, Family Reunification, Invitation, Culture, Other
  • Long term residence permit for third country citizens
    There are certain conditions and criteria you are obliged to meet before you apply for the residence permit. First, you have to be residing in the Czech Republic on a visa for a stay over 90 days. Next, you also must intend to temporarily live in the Czech Republic for more than 6 months. Lastly, the purpose of your stay must remain unchanged (exceptions are made e.g. for a Blue Card, family members or scientists).
    In certain cases, the application for a long-term residence permit without the precondition of staying on a visa for over 90 days can be submitted via the Czech Embassy. There are also different purposes of the type of stay to choose from. It could be either for studies, business, employment, family reunification, scientific research, culture or another reason.
  • Permanent residence permit for non-EU citizens
    After 5 years of continuous residence in the Czech Republic, a foreign national can file an application for permanent residence. Only half of the period of stay for the purpose of studies shall be counted.


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