Trade Licence Registration

One option for people wanting to work in the Czech Republic is to get a trade license or Živnostenský list. The definition of “trading” here means you are carrying on an activity (working) and doing it independently in your own name with the purpose of making a profit.

  • A trade licence allows you to work for multiple employers at the same time.
  • More over you can invoice several clients for different activities, not only one activity.
  • A trade license allows you to be your own boss in what you do.


But be aware that there are also responsibilities connected to it:

First of all you will have to file a tax return every year and pay health and social insurance for yourself. Although taxes are really low for self-employed people in Czech Republic and health care is very good, you have to keep in mind that you have to fulfill your duties towards both taxes and insurance payments, which means you have to pay regularly and give tax and insurance returns on time.


We offer complete assistance with the whole process of application and registration at the Trade licence office, Social and Health insurance authorities and Financial office. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.