Cultural Orientation

Each culture is unique and has elements that can seem incomprehensible, strange or even offensive to foreigners.

Cultural orientation may help foreigners/expats to better know and understand Czech culture and thus avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, prejudices and feelings of alienation. Deeper knowledge of Czech culture can make life easier for expats living in the Czech Republic and also gives them a chance to reflect on their own culture.

At KENTIC, we offer cultural orientation courses led by an experienced trainer, Eva Vítková.

Eva graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of International Relations. She has personal experience with living, studying and working abroad (Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, China, Thailand…). She is a professional trainer of intercultural competencies for international companies, as well as for NGOs — EFIL (European Federation for Intercultural Learning), YFJ (European Youth Forum) and AFS Intercultural Programs. She has attended the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication in Portland (USA) and the Crossing Borders Global Studies Program (Denmark). She is fluent in English, French and Norwegian.


How to survive and live happily in the Czech Republic – 3 hours

This course is focused on basic understanding of behaviors and norms in the Czech society. It will introduce you to basic values of the Czech culture and help you deal with them in everyday life.

How to survive and start business successfully in the Czech Republic – 3 hours

This course will introduce you with core norms and values in the Czech business society. It is focused on giving you simple tools for effective business communication and negotiation based on practical business-related examples.

Extensive cultural orientation – 9 hours

This course will give you a broader background (roots, history) for understanding the norms and behaviors in the Czech society. This course is focused on intercultural understanding, it strengthens your cultural competencies and fosters your intercultural communication skills. This course is tailor-made according to the personal goals and wishes of the attendees.

In case you´re interested in attending any of these courses, please contact our consultants.