Kentic is a lifesaver!

I don’t even know where to begin in listing my praise for Kentic (and Jakub). Without him, the process of moving to the Czech republic and applying for a visa/zivno would have been an impossible and highly unpleasant experience. But with Jakub’s professionalism, impressive knowledge of seemingly everything related to moving to Prague (from visa and zivno, to apt hunting, to where to go for taxes or insurance), the whole process turned out to be very painless and even quite enjoyable. His attention to details and his focus on me as an individual (not as just a set of paperwork) made me feel very at ease in the whole process. Never once was I worried about not getting my visa or having difficulty because I knew he’d be there to help out. I have talked to other friends and expats who have had mixed results with the agency they went with, but I have nothing but the best things to say about Kentic and I highly recommend them to anyone I can if they need any kind of help. But above all else, I think the best thing about Jakub is that he is simply a great guy who is genuinely interesting and passionate about helping others and about helping them settle into a new country. The best way I can describe what my experience was like is to compare Jakub to that one friend who just seems to know everyone and everything (“I know a guy who can do that”, “I know a guy who knows where to find those”) and who’s willing to go that extra mile for you no matter the request. I highly recommend getting in touch with Kentic for anyone new to Prague who needs help with anything. Just send them an email and you’ll quickly discover (as I did) how just how much of an asset it is having Jakub as someone you can count on.

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