J Christian Brannigan-Odehnal

I was looking for a new flat in Prague, and according to the information I had, this should have been very easy, as I was told that there are a lot of available properties in the city. However, it turned out to be more difficult than expected as most people that I contacted got back to me saying that the flat had already been rented out, or did not get back to me at all. Since I don’t have the time to surf property sites all day and chasing dead ends, I decided to ask for assistance from Kentic as they had been recommended to me by a colleague. They were very fast, and we got a viewing already after they sent us the first list of flats. I dealt with Michal and Jakub, who both speak excellent English. They are also very professional and genuinely friendly people. Their interpreting skills naturally made the interaction with the landlord much easier, and they also helped us understand the contract, which was in Czech. Another aspect of their service that I appreciated is that they know all the correct questions to ask when renting a flat. Our landlords are extremely nice and approachable, but it still makes you feel secure having a knowledgeable and experienced person by your side. They go out of their way to help you with any additional things related to actually finding the flat, such as organising the payment of the electricity fees. I felt like they really cared about us and that everything would turn out the way we wanted it. Highly recommended 🙂

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