Cin Cin

Highly Recommend Kentic!!
I needed to get my visa renewed, and I didn’t want to go to the same company where I initially got my visa where I paid a lot of money for poor service, so I went to Kentic where their price was nearly half of what the other company was charging. Jakub and Michal were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful from the beginning. They both know “the system” very well. They will literally go with you [and hold your hand if you want =)] to all of the different government offices and complete all necessary paperwork. If you’re busy, they can also go on your behalf. They were very friendly, reliable and accessible-they returned all calls and emails in a timely manner. They were both very professional but with a personal approach. I felt like they cared about my situation and wanted to complete the job thoroughly and efficiently. They also helped me with paperwork to leave the Czech Republic, and will also help me file my taxes this year. So basically, whatever expat service you need, I’m sure they can help. Thanks Jakub and Michal for relieving my stress when I was living in Prague! You guys are awesome! I highly, highly recommend these guys!

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