We are able to offer you ANY insurance coverage from ANY insurance provider on Czech market. That allows us to compare actual offers and then offer you the best options to choose from. We gather the details for you, explain everything, go with you to the insurance company to translate and then become your contact person in case of any problem.

Main products:

  • Comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners (Pojištění pro cizince) – This insurance is required for the duration of your visa and needs to be bought for the whole period in advance. Although, being a citizen of the European Union (EU), visas are not required in the Czech Republic (CR), it is still the best alternative to public health insurance. Limits and terms & conditions do not differ significantly. Price starts at 650 CZK per month, discounts on annual or biennial premiums. For this product, we offer insurance from following insurance companies: ERGO, UNIQA, SLAVIA, MAXIMA or Pojištovna VZP
  • Car insurance (Pojištění auta) – Third-party (required for any car owner in Czech Republic) and accident insurance are the main products. We regularly check offers from all of the providers on the Czech market for both products to be able to provide the best offers in terms of price and conditions. Depending on your car and requirements, we will tailor the offer to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Property insurance (Pojištění nemovitosti) – Both owners and lessees should cover themselves with either house/flat insurance or household insurance. In the case you are renting a house or an apartment, get household insurance with liability coverage. They come in one package and provide coverage in case of theft, any damage to your belongings or alternatively to any damages you do. House/flat insurance offers protection for individual owners or co-operatives in terms of structural problems, piping or wire issues.


Our consultations are free of charge. Let us do the research for you and get our commission from the provider.